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KnittingFool is a resource for FREE legacy knitting information. Traditionally, basic knitting information has been passed down from person to person for thousands of years. KnittingFool wants to make that basic information easily accessible to more knitters in order to encourage knitting and spark more creativity and self-design.

If you are new here, I suggest that you explore the Alphabetical listing. That is the gateway to a collection of knitting stitch patterns -- there are more than 2400 stitch patterns included. There are also other ways to explore the listing.

If you are looking for a cable or a lace or some particular category of knitting pattern, try the Stitch Type Listing.

If you are looking for a stitch that repeats over a certain number of stitches, try the Stitch Count Listing.

If you want a visual overview of all the knitting stitch patterns, try the Stitch Gallery where you can page through thumbnail size images of the patterns. Each thumbnail image is a link to a larger image and more detailed stitch pattern information.

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Autumn Meadow Autumn Meadow swatch
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