Dainty Diamonds

Multiple of 6 stitches plus 2 additional stitches


This pattern can be adapted to circular knitting by knitting all the even numbered rows.
Repeat rows 1 - 12

Row #SideColorBegin RowRepeatRepeat From *End Row
1R-RC*k4, RC* 
3R-k1*LC, k2, RC *k1
5R-k2*LC, RC, k2* 
7R-k3*RC, k4 *end last repeat k3 instead of k4
9R-k2*RC, LC, k2* 
11R-k1*RC, k2, LC*k1

  Additional Instructions and Notes
Right Cross (RC)skip 1 stitch; k1; knit the skipped stitch; drop original two stitches from left needle.
Left Cross (LC)slip 1 stitch to dpn and hold in front; k1; slip stitch from dpn to right needle without working it


Row: 12  
  Row: 11
Row: 10  
  Row: 9
Row: 8  
  Row: 7
Row: 6  
  Row: 5
Row: 4  
  Row: 3
Row: 2  
  Row: 1

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