Random Stitch Pattern Generator

This is just for fun. The stitch patterns generated are not purely random because of the rules that operate in the code behind the screen. This is most obvious if you select one decrease type, one increase type and no plain type. The result is definitely not random. However, if you then add one item from the plain type of stitches and hit the Submit button again, the perception of randomness will return. The defaults have been set to include knit, K2-tog, ssk and yarnover on a 10 x 10 grid; this will give results that show the possibilities of the generator.

If your selection of stitch types includes a yarnover, you will have a lace pattern generated. In that case, to keep things simple, treat all the pattern rows as right side rows and purl all the wrong side rows. If you don't like simple, you can work the lace patttern stitches on both the right and wrong sides of the fabric; it's up to you. If you have ever taken a creative lace class from Myra Wood or read her Crazy Lace book you will understand the use of a random lace pattern.

You can play with it anyway you like. If you don't like the results, change your selections (or not) and hit the submit button again.

If you select the "Mirrored" option, the entire chart will be duplicated as a mirror image of the original chart. This can make a randomly generated pattern look a little less random.

Width:   stitches

Height:   rows

Stitch Selection:
Plain: Knit Purl
Decrease: Knit two Together Slip Slip Knit
Increase: Knit Front and Back Yarn Over Make 1

Mirrored pattern

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