Alphabetical Catalog of Knitting Stitch Patterns

Select an image or a stitch name link to view a detail of the pattern for the stitch including a larger image.

NameThumb Image# of stitches per repeat# of rows per repeatCategory
Hairpin Curves11 stitches plus 3 stitches 16 rowseyelet
Half Brioche2 stitches4 rowsknit purl
Half Brioche 22 stitches2 rowsbrioche
Half Cable10 stitches plus 2 stitches 8 rowscable panel
Half Diamond Lace24 stitches plus 2 stitches 34 rowslace
Half Herringbone Faggot3 stitches1 rowlace
Half-opened Seeds3 stitches plus 2 stitches 4 rowsknit purl, advanced
Half Patent2 stitches2 rowsEstonian patent
Haliste 122 stitches20 rowsEstonian mitten
Halliste 218 stitches16 rowsEstonian mitten
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