Repeat rows 1 - 26.
Row #SideBegin RowRepeatRepeat From *End Row
1Rk1*p2, k2*k1
2Wk1*p2, k2*k1
3Rk1*p2, k2*k1
4Wk1*p2, k2*k1
5Rk1*p2, k2*k1
6Wk1*p2, k2*k1
7Rk1*p2, k2*k1
8Wk1*p2, k2*k1
9Rk1*p2, k2*k1
10Wk1*p2, k2*k1
11Rk1*p2, k2*k1
12Wk1*p2, k2*k1
13Rk1*work 24 sts in ribbing, put next 12 st on cn and hold in back, work next 12 sts in ribbing, then work next 12 sts in ribbing from cn*k1
14Wk1*p2, k2*k1
15Rk1*p2, k2*k1
16Wk1*p2, k2*k1
17Rk1*p2, k2*k1
18Wk1*p2, k2*k1
19Rk1*p2, k2*k1
20Wk1*p2, k2*k1
21Rk1*p2, k2*k1
22Wk1*p2, k2*k1
23Rk1*p2, k2*k1
24Wk1*p2, k2*k1
25Rk1*place 12 sts on cn and hold i back, work 12 sts in ribbing then work 12 sts from cn in ribbing, work 24 sts in ribbing*k1
26Wk1*p2, k2*k1
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